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Quick Recap: Blue Jays Beat A's In Extras


Blue Jays 3 A's 1 (11 innings)

Second day in a row that we tie a game in the 9th, this time we win it.

Great to see the home run by David Cooper to tie it up with 1 out in the 9th.

Then in the 11th, Edwin Encarnacion singles, to start things off, one out later he steals second. After Rajai Davis walks (good job Rajai), Edwin and Rajai run on the full count pitch to Jeff Mathis. Mathis struck out, but the throw to 3rd went into the outfield and Edwin scored. A Moises Sierra double scored Davis. Unfortunately Sierra was tagged out at the plate trying to score from 2nd on Anthony Gose's infield single.

Ricky Romero had himself a good game. 7 innings, 3 hits, 1 earned, 4 walks, 5 k. Not great, but good.

John Farrell's use of the bullpen drove us all to drink, yet again. Being fair, it isn't hard to get us to drink.

Steve Delabar pitched a great 8th inning and then, after we tied, Farrell left him out for the 9th. I could understand the decision, we were going to extras, best not to burn through the arms too quick. But then he gives up a lead off walk, gets a fly out and then we get Janssen. Casey gets a double play ball after pitches.

I figured Casey would come back out, but no, Farrell calls on Jesse Chavez, easily the worst arm we have in the pen.Chavez was called up, we were told, to eat innings. Chavez loaded the bases, with a single and 2 walks, but made it out of the inning. More by luck than good pitching. In extras you don't go to your worst arm early.

Anyway, we won.

Jays of the Day: Edwin (.432 WPA), Cooper (.223), Romero (.182), Chavez (.127, I don't think he deserves it, but that's the number) and Casey (.126). Suckage: Johnson (-.214), Yunel (-.132), Mathis (-.131) and Gose (-.130) but I can't give one to Gose, he made a couple of good catches and hit one to the wall.

I'm late for supper. Have a good night.