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On Our Rookies In Today's Game

Gose has looked better bunting for base hits than he di Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE
Gose has looked better bunting for base hits than he di Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

I wanted to say a little more about today's win, but I was already holding my family up for supper, our first real home cooked meal in our new kitchen. Yay.

I thought I'd ask you what you thought of the young guys:

  • David Cooper: Cooper was 1 for 5, but that 1 was the game tying home run in the 9th. He has a .288/.329/.438 line. He's been pretty ok, not that I want to see him batting cleanup, but he hasn't been bad.
  • Yan Gomes: 0 for 2, walk. Yan is hitting .183/.235/.383 in 60 at bats this year. I'm really not all that impressed by his defense at catcher and when Jeff Mathis pinch hits for you, well, you know your bat hasn't impressed your manager. I get that it is handy to have someone that can play 4 spots, but if he can't hit, it doesn't matter how many gloves he owns.
  • Moises Sierra: 3 for 5, double, RBI, k. His base running has been interesting. He really should have scored our first run. He was on first, with 2 out and Anthony Gose doubled off the left field wall. 2 outs, you have to run on contact. Moises slowed at second to watch to see if the ball was caught. Can't do that. He was thrown out at the plate, when he should have been safe easy. With the way we are playing, you can't cost us a run by dumb base running. He was also tagged out at the plate trying to score from second on Gose's infield single, in the 11th. This time, it was good idea to try to steal a run, maybe catch the defense sleeping. In the outfield, twice he and Gose almost collided going to catch a fly ball. I don't know if he didn't hear Gose, but both times it was too close. All that said, I'd like to see Moises play everyday, at least until Jose Bautista comes back.
  • Anthony Gose: 2 for 4, double and an infield single. Anthony is hitting .175/.233/.200 in 40 at bats. I think that today was easily the best he's looked at the plate so far. He should have had an RBI. His double came off a lefty and he hit it the other way. He was only a few feet short of a home run. He also had a nice sac bunt, putting it down nice with the corner infielders charging. He has metric tonnes of range in CF. He should get to play everyday for the rest of the season, give up on this platooning stuff. I still think his bat isn't quite ready, but he's here, he should play. It won't improve on the bench.
  • Adeiny Hechavarria: 0 for 3, walk, 2 k. The walk came in the 10th inning and it really didn't look like the pitcher wanted anything to do with him, every pitch was well outside, I don't know why he didn't challenge Adeiny. It is tough to tell much from 3 at bats, the only contact he had was a pop out to short. On defense, I think he only had 2 ground balls hit towards him, both were very easy plays. He did show a good arm. If Brett Lawrie comes back soon, I'd like to see Hechavarria play short for a game or two. It wouldn't hurt Yunel to have a day off.
What did you think about our young hitters?