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Blue Jay Roster Moves: DFA Jesse Chavez, Call Up Chad Jenkins

The musical chairs game played with our that is our pitching staff continues. The Jays designate Jesse Chavez for assignment and call up Chad Jenkins.

Chavez was just brought up again the other day, he was put into yesterday's tie game. And today he is gone.

Chad Jenkins started the season slow but has pitching better of late. he is 5-9 with a 4.96 ERA in 20 starts but, in his last 3 games he's pitched 20.1 with 5 earned runs. He may get Carlos Villanueva's start Wednesday, if Carlos isn't back from his leave for personal reasons.

Update: Well, not really update, I just wanted to opin on it a bit. Do you get the feeling the Jays don't trust their own player evaluations? Yesterday Chavez comes up, we wanted him over Drew Carpenter for the long man slot. I didn't understand why. I didn't particularly like Carpenter, but is Chavez better? Today, Chavez is gone and Jenkins is up. Chavez has been a starter, if we needed a starter Wednesday and they thought Chavez was good enough to call up just yesterday, why wouldn't he be good enough to make that start.

Anyway, congratulations to Chad Jenkins. I'm looking forward to seeing you pitch.