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Should the Blue Jays Extend Colby Rasmus?

Richard Griffin put up a column saying that it is time the Jays sign Colby Rasmus to an extension and Eric Seidman, over at Fangraphs, takes a look at whether it would be a good idea.

I really don't know if it would be a good idea or not. I really want to believe that Rasmus will put it together, I think he will, I think he could be good, but I wouldn't want to bet on it. At least not right now.

Colby's numbers this year:

2012 - Colby Rasmus 132 502 63 114 20 5 22 71 40 129 4 3 .227 .290 .418

I have a hard time thinking someone with a .290 deserves a long term contract.

Now, as Seidman points out, he has a pretty good line drive rate, this year, 21.1% and yet his BABIP isn't all good , .260, but he isn't taking walks, 7.2% down from 9.5% last year, and 11.8% the year before.

I like his defense, but we have Anthony Gose who is almost ready for prime time and Gose would be much better defensively. If/when Gose moves Rasmus to a corner spot, Rasmus loses a lot of his value.

As Griffin says:

The 13 players signed for next year have a financial commitment of $64.9 million from the Jays. The arbitration-eligible group for 2013 includes Rasmus, J.A. Happ, Brett Cecil, Aaron Laffey and Jesse Litsch. Rasmus should be the first to be removed from that list.

Well, he is right, Rasmus should be the first one of that group to be extended, but unless the Jays get a real deal, I don't think I'd want to tie myself to him for 4 years (plus or minus) just yet. Why not go one more year? and then see where we are with the guy? Or as Seidman suggests

If the Jays have already decided that they intend to keep Rasmus in Toronto until after the 2014 season, when he reaches free agency, then working out a two-year deal makes some sense. They can avoid the arbitration process over the next two seasons and hope for the best

So let's have a poll.