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The 2013 Schedule is Out: Jays Start at Home.

The 2013 schedule is out and post on There is a lot of flying involved.

The Jays start the 2013 season at home with a series against the Indians starting April 2. Then we see the Red Sox, so we start the season with a 6 game home stand.

Then we are off on a road trip to Detroit and Kansas City. The middle of the month has us back home against the White Sox and the Yankees. We finish off April visiting Baltimore and New York to see the Yankees again.

We start May at home against the Red Sox and Mariners. Then off to Tampa and Boston. Our first interleague games start May 14th when the Giants comes to town. A quick road trip to New York for play the Yankees, then we have the Rays, Orioles and Braves in Toronto. We play the last game of the home stand against the Braves on the 28th and then both teams fly to Atlanta, for our first interleague series on the road. Pretty strange.

June starts with the Jays in San Diego (oh boy, we get to go on more west coast road trips), then San Francisco. Then all the way back to Toronto to play Texas, for just on series at home then off to Chicago to play the White Sox, Texas to see the Rangers again. Then another long flight back to Toronto to play the Rockies and Orioles. Flying again we go to Tampa and Boston.

July we are at home for the Tigers and Twins. Road trip to Cleveland and Baltimore before the All-Star break. We start up again at home against the Rays, Dodgers and Astros.

August starts with the Jays in Oakland, then moving north to play the Angels and Mariners. Two series at home against the A's and Red Sox and off again to Tampa, New York for the Yankees and then a long flight to Houston. Of course, right after, we fly all the way back to Toronto for the Yankees

In September we have the Royals at home then off to Arizona and Minneapolis. Back home for the Angels, Orioles, Yankees. On the road to Boston and Baltimore and then we finish the season with 3 games at home against the Rays. Hopefully those will be important games.