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I Know Sometimes We Disagree, But I Prefer When You Say Yes: GameThread for Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays, 12 Sept. 2012, 7:07 PM EDT

Well, after forgetting yesterday's thread (sorry, guys!), I at least remembered to do tonight's. At a combined 18 games under .500, the Blue Jays (64-76) and the Mariners (68-74) continue to limp through the 2012 season. The Jays dropped the first game of the three-game set last night and look to get back on track tonight with Ricky Romero (8-13, 5.85 ERA) on the mound. As we all know all too well, Romero's really had a lost season. Maybe he can build some steam up in the last month and go into the offseason on a good note. At least that's something to root for, I guess. The Seafarers will be sending the venerable Kevin Millwood (5-12, 4.27 ERA) out tonight.

You know the rules: 1) no *.gif images during the game; 2) no talking about illegal streams; and 3) even if the game ends up being a microcosm of the season, make every effort not to be a tool.

That being said, keep it civil and go Jays, go.