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Thursday Bantering

There's nothing out there that I want to pad out to a full post so let's look at a few little bits:

There was a tweet this morning from the Blue Jays 'Official Twitter' saying that Dustin McGowan is still in the Jays' plans for next year. My immediate thought was 'yes, but then Dave Stieb is still in their plans for next year.' Kind of mean, and, who knows, Dustin might surprise us. But even if he does, what would the Jays do with him?

If he is a starter, how many innings would you let him pitch? Let's pretend all goes well. Would you cut him off at 100 innings? 125? 150? He'll be 31 next year, we can't exactly build up his innings slowly.

If he is in the pen, who do you kick out to give him a spot? We look to have a pretty stacked bullpen next year. Who would you dump to give him a chance? I can't see wanting him over anyone that we' have kind of penciled in now. I just don't see his role.

Alex Anthopoulos talked about Adam Lind yesterday and that his future with the club is 'up in the air'. Yeah, I'd say thats a good description. Adam looked good, when he first came back from the minors, but since his return from the DL, he hasn't hit a thing (I was going to look up his numbers but I feel pretty confident that 'hasn't hit a thing' is pretty accurate.

The trouble is that we are going to pay him $5 million next year and I'm old enough to think that $5 million is a lot of money. If fact (picks up a calculator) it would take 1247 years for SB nation to pay me $5 millions total (throw calculator across the room). So Lind will be at spring training, and if he shows anything at all, he'll likely have a bench job. I wouldn't mind that, a lefty bat with the hint of power, sitting on the bench. He could spell Edwin at first base once or twice a month. All presuming Farrell isn't going to do the idiot 8 man bullpen thing again.

But no way do we count on Lind to DH next year. Not a chance, can't do it, no way no how.

Alex also talked about Carlos:

"I just said we don't have enough information but that's not to say we don't like him or don't want him back."

Are you skeptical of him?
"I guess I don't want to use a term that's derogatory to the player. I don't want to doubt him. But I also have to be objective and realistic too. It's more how do you value a player.

Carlos really has to finish the season off well to prove he deserves a spot in the rotation next year. He has given up 9 runs in 12.2 inning in his last two starts. He has to pick it up for his last few starts. If he can't show he can make more than 13 starts, without dropping in quality, you can't count on him to be a starter next year.

Alex also suggest Travis d'Arnaud could be in the mix at first base next year. I very much doubt it. That would be asking a lot from his bat. I think it is more likely that JP gets traded this summer.