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That Game Was Long and Boring and We Lost. Red Sox Beat Jays

Photographic proof of Lind's triple. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
Photographic proof of Lind's triple. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Red Sox 8 Blue Jays 5

That game seemed to go on forever. I'm pretty sure we backed up an inning a couple of times. Just short of 4 hours, with two teams that can't hit is pretty amazing. Or irritating. Irratating, pick that one.

Aaron Laffey didn't impress. 3.2, 4 hits, 3 walks, 3 earned, 1 k and 1 home run. He couldn't throw strikes. I'm not a fan.

Chad Jenkins pitched 1.1, gave up 2 runs, but he would have been out of the 5th inning without a run scoring if Brett Lawrie could have made a tag on Mike Aviles on a ground ball. It was hit right to Brett and Brett missed with the tag, when Aviles did a little Savardian Spin-o-rama. He didn't leave the base path. The umpires got the call right, Brett should stopped in front of him, but instead he lunged and missed.

I'm not sure why Farrell pulled Chad after just 29 pitches, I figured he'd want to stretch Jenkins out for his start.

Jason Frasor pitched 2 scoreless innings. Darren Oliver pitched a scoreless 8th, but he was pulled after he gave up a single to start the 9th. Casey Janssen came in and wasn't good. A single, triple and sac fly took us from tied to down by 3. It is too bad that Oliver gets the loss, Casey earned it.

On offense, we only had 5 hits, so we did pretty good to get 5 runs. We scored 3 runs, in the 4th off Daisuke Matsuzaka, without a hit. A hit batter, 3 walks and 2 wild pitches got us the runs. We got 1 more in the 5th on a Adam Line triple (yes, Adam Lind hit a triple) and a Yunel Escobar single. We tied things up with a run in the 8th, when Colby Rasmus singled and Brett Lawrie drove him home with a double.

We should have have more in the 8th. Daniel Nava made a great catch on an Adam Lind fly that I figured would be a double. Then Lawrie took off from 2nd on a ground ball hit to short stop in front of him. I love Brett, but that was DUMB. When you are at 2nd, never go to third on a ball hit in front of you. Maybe it is time for the Jays to cut back on Brett's Red Bulls.

Jays of the Day are Rasmus (.110 WPA) and Frason (.103). Lawrie had the number too (.283), but I'm taking it away for that lousy base running plus the missed tag. Suckage goes to Janssen (-.371), Laffey (-.112), Rajai (-.114), Johnson (-.129) and JP (-.210). Jenkins had the number too (-.171) but had Brett made the tag, he wouldn't have been negative.

Tomorrow Carlos Villanueva (7-5, 3.48) gets to prove Alex wrong. Clay Buckholz (11-6, 4.46) starts for the Red Sox. It is a 1:00 Eastern start. It can't be as long as today's game. Please.