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The Yunel Escobar Controversy

I'm sure you've all seen this by now. Of all the things I don't want to talk about, this is near the top of the list.

It be easier to deal with if we spoke the language. I mean, if it was English, we'd know exactly all the nuances of what is being said. Perhaps it isn't as bad as it simple translation makes it seem.

It does seem pretty bad. Locker rooms are like this. You get a bunch of young men in a room together and they say things that are totally ignorant all the time. But it has to stay in the locker room. Don't carry it onto the field. Or wear it onto the field.

It is not funny, It is not just a just a joke. It's hard to believe he thought it was a good idea. It is also hard to believe that none of his teammates didn't go up to him and say 'hey man, not cool'. Or 'you like being a major league baseball player, don't do this'. Something. I'd like to think that if Jose Bautista was with the team he would have stopped Yunel. But then I'd like to believe that any of our players would have stopped him.

I don't know, maybe no one else noticed. I don't know how closely players look at each other. You would think that if there was written on another player's eyeblack, you would be interest to see what it says.

I've been waiting for the Jays to make a statement about this, but it seems slow in coming. I'd imagine there will be a fine or perhaps a suspension. Delmon Young got 7 games. His transgression was far worse. But then this was on the field of play.