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Blue Jays Shuffling Off to Buffalo

With this news:

It's pretty clear that the Blue Jays Triple-A team, for at least the next couple of years, will be the Buffalo Bisons. It surprises me that the Mets would announce first. I thought it would be the Jays announcing and then the Mets would grudgingly state that they were excited to have their Triple-A team at Las Vegas (while asking 'are you sure there isn't anywhere else we could go?).

It will be so nice to be able to send pitchers to Triple-A again. And not be fooled by the offensive numbers that players put up at Vegas. I remember the long arguments about how Randy Ruiz was just a late bloomer, he'd be a terrific player for the Blue Jays.

Raise your glass to a long, happy relationship with the Buffalo Bisons.