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Uh oh Sunday Sept 2, 2012 Links

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Exciting game yesterday. Too bad the Jays couldn't pull out a comeback but they are facing their Kryptonite, the Rays. Today it is RRCJ's turn on the mound so hopefully the Jays will score a few runs for the guy.


Toronto Blue Jays’ rally comes up a few feet short in loss to Rays | MLB | Sports | National Post
National Post looks at the Jays Loss.

Rays snuff out Jays ninth inning comeback attempt - The Globe and Mail
The Globe's take on the Jays near comeback loss.

Tampa Bay Rays snap skid with 5-4 win over Toronto Blue Jays - Tampa Bay Times
The much happier Rays recap.

Omar Vizquel nailed at home plate for final out in Blue Jays’ 5-4 loss to Rays -
The Star's take on yesterday's loss.


Moises Sierra: Starting Left Fielder? - Jays Journal
"The team has a number of other holes to fill, namely the starting rotation and second base, so it’s possible the Blue Jays will aim for a cheaper alternative to the names above. Among those options is the current right fielder, Moises Sierra."


Fun With Day-Game Stats - Baseball Nation
"Only one team has an overall winning record back to 2008, but a losing record in day games in those seasons. The Brewers: .521 winning percentage overall; .498 winning percentage in day games. Three teams are the mirror image of the Brewers: overall losing records back to 2008, but winning records in day games. The Mets .483 overall; .517 in day games. The A's: .486 overall; .517 in day games. The Blue Jays: .496 overall; .530 in day games."

Nickname Seeks Former Player: Vote on "Actual, Literal Brick Sh*thouse" | NotGraphs Baseball

Rafael Betancourt Is Just Getting Laughable | FanGraphs Baseball
FG looks at a pitcher who won't throw inside to LHB.

Two crew members, firefighter suffer burns during fireworks accident prior to minor league game | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Glad the only fireworks that EE deals with are home runs.

Here’s Elliot Johnson’s face the day after his ill-fated slide | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
The Aftermath of hitting Jeff Mathis

Twitter / BertBlyleven28: @Twins_morsecode it is not ...
Ba dum dum tisch...

Baseball History - September 2nd - National Pastime - Baseball History
1990 Dave Stieb pitches the major league record ninth no-hitter of the season beating the Indians 3-0. Previously Blue Jay right-hander had lost three no-hit bids after two outs were recorded in the ninth.