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Hard Times in the City In a Hard Town By the Sea: 9/24 Game Thread, Jays at Baltimore

Hi everyone. I've been traveling a lot and so haven't caught many of the Jays' recent games. Judging by the results, I've been fortunate.

The Jays continue to limp towards the finish line. I can't recall being so happy that a season is almost over. Although I have rooted for Baltimore as a secondary team since I moved to Charm City in 2001 and spent three years there before moving to Washington, D.C., watching the Orioles join the Rays as being competitive in the AL East has made things even harder.

Baltimore native Steve Johnson gets the start for the doubleheader's opener for the O's. Johnson, a rookie righthander, has only made two spot starts this season, but he's been terrific overall pitching in the swingman's role.

Henderson Alvarez goes for Toronto. Alvarez is coming off a great start and has a chance to finish a rough season with a strong September.

You know the rules - don't be terrible, don't post images until the game is over, and don't do illegal streams.

Today's title from "Baltimore, " a great Randy Newman song. The Jays are certainly experiencing hard times in the city as they head to the hard town by the sea.