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Man It's Hard Just to Live: 9/24 Game 2 Game Thread, Jays at O's

Game thread for the second game of the doubleheader.

What else is there to say? My band is rehearsing tonight so I won't be able to make tonight's game either.

Ricky Romero pitches for the Jays. Under/over on walks is 4. I am really looking forward to seeing a Ricky turnaround next year. I've got faith.

Wei Yin-Chen pitches for Baltimore. The Taiwanese lefty and NPB veteran has had a terrific first season in MLB but his numbers suggest that he may be tiring as the season winds down given the greater workload in MLB.

Title also from "Baltimore" by Randy Newman. The rules: don't post illegal streams, don't post images until the game is concluded, and don't be terrible.