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GameThread For World Baseball Classic Qualifying Round Final

This time it matters. We beat the (cough cough) Germans 16-7 on Saturday but that doesn't matter now. Today's game decides which team goes on to the World Baseball Classic. It is a pretty silly format. But it is what we have.

Our starting pitcher is Andrew Albers. Albers pitched in the Twins organization, at Double-A. He had a 4-3 record and a 3.75 ERA, 98.1 innings, 111 hits, 12 walks, 73 strikeouts. I'd feel more comfortable with Shawn Hill.

Starting for the Germans is Andre Hughes. He's a left-handed pitcher, beyond that I know nothing about him. He apparently pitched in the Dutch Major League back in 2009.

Our lineup:

Gilies, CF

Robinson, C

Smith, DH

Van Ostrand, 1B

Loewen, RF

Bowman, 3B

Tosoni, LF

Stromsmoe. 2B

Malo, SS