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I Was Born on the Shores of Chesapeake Bay: 9/26 Game Thread, Jays at Orioles

Greg Fiume - Getty Images

The Jays close out their series today against the Baltimore Orioles.

September has not been kind to Carlos Villanueva, tonight's starter for the Jays. It's been a successful season but things seem to be fading a bit down the stretch. It's understandable given that he's at a career high for innings.

Miguel Gonzalez pitches for Baltimore. The 28-year old righty has done a nice job for the Land of Pleasant Living over 13 starts by throwing strikes and limiting mistakes, but hes he's hardly overpowering.

Not much else to say here. I'm working late so I will likely miss the start of the game, but I'm hoping to catch the second half at least.

You know the rules by now. No illegal streams, no gifs until the game is over, and don't be terrible.

Today's title from "St. Robinson and His Cadillac Dream" by the Counting Crows.