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Jays Give Up 7 Home Runs, Lose Big To Orioles

Carlos Villanueva doesn't impress, again.

Greg Fiume - Getty Images

Blue Jays 2 Orioles 12

That wasn't a lot of fun. The only bit of good news was that Edwin Encarnacion hit his 42nd home run, giving us a lead in the top of the first. but Carlos Villanueva gave the lead back in the bottom of the inning. We scored another run, off back-to-back hits from J.P. Arencibia and Anthony Gose. But Carlos gave back that lead, plus 4 more runs.

Carlos was ok through 4 innings, only allowing the solo home run in the first. But that 5th. It started with a solo home run by Jim Thome. He followed that with 2 outs but then gave up a home run, 2 singles and another home run. Really, John Farrell should have seen that he had lost it. I don't know how you can allow a starter to give up 3 home runs in an inning. The good part is that we will stop hearing about how Carlos should be in the rotation next year.

Joel Carreno, Chad Beck and David Carpenter each pitched an inning of relief and each gave up a home run. It was a fun night.

On offense, we didn't do much, the two runs mentioned above, but we only had 7 hits. Adam Lind had 3 of the hits.

Jays of the Day are Gose (.110 WPA) and JP (.093). Honorable mention to Edwin and Adam. Suckage goes to Carlos (-.379), Davis (-.112, 0 for 3) and Brett Lawrie (-.099, 0 for 4, and 2 errors).

Tomorrow we start a series with the Yankees at Rogers Centre. Brandon Morrow (8-7, 3.28) vs. Ivan Nova (12-7, 4.94). I wouldn't mind if we made life rough for them in their battle for the playoffs.