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Blue Jay Award Winners

The Jays hand out internal awards to Blake Crosby, Jim Skaalen, Chad Mottola and Daniel Barnes.

Abelimages - Getty Images

The Blue Jays announced they have given out some awards for 'excellence' in their organization.

Blake Crosby was selected for the 2012 Al Lamacchia Award for for top amateur scout. Or scout that 'Exempifies the work ethic and perseverance best demonstrated by long time executive Al Lamacchia. Blake joined the Jays scouting department in 2010 and have drafted and signed Aaron Sanchez, Mitch Nay, Andy Burns, Jorge Flores, Art Charles, Taylor Cole and Kramer Champlin.

Jim Skaalen gets the 2012 Pro Scout of the Year. He joined the Jays in 2011.after being hitting coach for the Brewers and A's.

Chad Mottola is the winner of the Bobby Mattick Award for 'excellence in player development'. You all know been hitting coach for the 51's the since since 2009. He's been in the organization since 2007. starting as hitting coach for the JAys GCL team.

Daniel Barnes gets the Commmunity Service Award. Our closer in Dunedin:

participated in nearly all of the team community appearances, always representing the organization with class and professionalism. Danny was an integral part of the Blue Jays "Bookin' it to the Ballpark" initiative, making every single appearance at local schools to read to students and encourage them to read themselves, allowing the team to positively promote literacy throughout the community. The right-handed reliever represented the Blue Jays on local TV at the Dunedin Orange festival, helped fans set up tents on the field after a game for a family sleepover and participated in Relay for Life night at the stadium to help raise money for the American Cancer Society. A perfect example of his commitment to the team and the community occurred at the beginning of August after the D-Jays had just completed a grueling stretch of 48 games in 49 days. With "Movie Day with a Jay" scheduled at 11AM the morning of August 6th - the first day off for the club in 26 days, Danny eagerly volunteered for the event, and joined a group of excited young "Jr. Jays" to see Ice Age 4.

As well as picking up 34 saves.

I hope the award come with a cheque, not just the basket carried by the guy in the picture...I keep forgetting we don't get to caption pictures in SB United.