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Delroy Wilson, Cool Operator: GameThread for New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays, 28 Sept 2012, 7:07 PM EDT

GameThread for Yankees at Blue Jays

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Well, great game last night everyone. Y'all don't think it'd too much to ask for another, do you? After the season that the Jays have had, it'd sure be nice to stick it to the Yankees. Anyway, to the vitals:

Junkyard dog Chad Jenkins makes his second start for the Jays tonight. The northpaw looks to build on his first start, which went reasonably well. Naturally, it won't be easy against what amounts to one of the best lineups in baseball that also just so happens to be nearing the end of a dogfight for the AL East crown. Hiroki Kuroda will be pitching for New York. Kuroda, at 37 years old, is truly a study in consistency; he hasn't been flashy, but he's provided results year-in and year-out and 2012 has been no different: 207 IP, 7 K/9, 2 BB/9, 53% gb-rate.

No douchiness, please. Go Jays Go!