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The Game As A Reflection of The Season

Yankees 11, Blue Jays 4 It was an ugly game. Too many runners left on base. Boneheaded base running mistakes. Bad luck. Some questionable ball calls. Bad defense. Awful starting pitching. And some ugly relief pitching. All the game needed was an injury to a key Jay to be the perfect microcosm of an awful 2012 season.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If the game were only two batters long then this game would have been great. Unfortunately for Chad Jenkins and the Blue Jays, it takes 27 outs for a complete game. Meanwhile the Yankees took advantage of whatever opportunity they had. Too many two out rallies including the first inning when Nick Swisher doubled home two runners with two out.

The Toronto Blue Jays had Hiroki Kuroda on the ropes in the early innings. Brett Lawrie led off the Jays' 1st and got promptly got picked off 2B on a Rasmus grounder. It set the tone for the Jays game.

Yunel had the biggest blunder of the night after doubling to lead off the 2nd inning, got to 3B on a wild pitch and then was picked off after Kelly Johnson struck out. What made things worse was the Jays loaded the bases with two out and then Kuroda froze Rasmus with a 94mph heater on the inside corner for strike 3 for the final out. The end. If Yunel wasn't so far off the bag then maybe the inning (and the game) changes, but nooope, it didn't.

Pretty much all Yanks after that. Brett Cecil, Jason Frasor, Joel Carreno, Chad Beck, Aaron Loup and Bobby Korecky were pounded in various fashion to give the Yanks 11 runs.

Rasmus (solo) and Lind (2 run shot) homered, but it didn't really matter. Gose drove in the other run with a ground out.

No Jays of the Day. Suckage Jays? The whole team earned this one (and I'll give myself an honorary one for being late with the recap.)