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My Queen of the Bronx: GameThread for New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays, 30 Sept 2012, 1:07 PM EDT

Gamethread for Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays, 9 / 30 / 2012

Okay, that was more like it. Not exactly good news on Ricky Romero being pulled but I'm also not exactly worried if he misses his next start.

Henderson Alvarez starts for the Jays and looks to close out an acceptable (if only slightly above replacement level) rookie campaign. Hopefully he has a nice start that h can build on next Spring. Phil Hughes tries to salvage a series tie for the Yankees, who are still engaged in a dogfight with Baltimore for the AL East. Hopefully we can help the Orioles out some more.

Go Jays, Go! You know the rules, even if the Jays are awful, no prickishness.