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BBBWA Award: Pitcher Of The Month For August

BBBWA Award (for portrait tempate try 3 happy now??)
BBBWA Award (for portrait tempate try 3 happy now??)

With Minor Leaguer away, it falls to me to run our BBBWA Awards this month.

As always, we are asking you to vote for who you thought was the best Toronto Blue Jays pitcher for August 2012, using whatever definition of "best" you like.

Since we talked about how the pitchers did, earlier today, why don't we do the pitcher's vote now. You can go back and look at that post to see all the numbers for the month, but here are our choices:

  • Carlos Villanueva: 1-4, 3.41 ERA. Last month's winner.
  • J.A. Happ: 3-1, 4.45. Led the team in wins in August.
  • Casey Janssen: 6 saves, 2.08 ERA. We had 9 wins in the month and he saved 6 of them.
  • Aaron Loup: 1.59, 3 holds.
  • Steve Delabar: 1-0, 2.93, 4 holds, 28 strikeouts in 15.1 innings.

Discuss who you voted for in the comments! Is there anyone not listed that we should have nominated?

This poll will be open until Friday, September at 6:30 pm eastern. Official announcements of the winners will be made shortly afterwards.