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I Will Sit Right Down Waiting for the Gift of Sound & Vision: 9/9 Game Thread, Jays at Boston

Hi everyone. I'm still in NYC, though returning today, so this'll be a short game thread.

Carlos Villanueva, who it is difficult to believe has been the Jays' best pitcher this season makes his 13th start of the year. Carlos had a rough go of it last time out but has been pretty rocksteady all year. He's gotten a little lucky on batted balls, and certainly on runners left on, and some more ground balls would be nice, but he also has excellent strikeout and walk numbers.

Clay Buchholz pitches for Boston. He's been okay this season, but relatively healthy after an injury-riddled 2011.

The rules: Don't post illegal streams, don't post images until the game is over, and don't be terrible.

The title: "Sound & Vision," a great David Bowie song off Low.