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Short Soggy Sunday Sept 9 2012 Links

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The rain delays were long enough for me to go out with friends to a pub for a beer and some wings and then come back to see the end of the 5th. Glad to see Gose show off a bit of that promise the Jays Brass saw in him to trade him Brett Wallace.


Anthony Gose hits first home run as Toronto Blue Jays pummel Boston Red Sox | MLB | Sports | National Post
AP/National Post Recap of the soaked win against the Red Sox.

Final: Blue Jays 9, Red Sox 2 - Extra Bases - Red Sox blog
Drenched Caroline! Boston Recap of the rain delayed win.

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Spitballing The 2013 Blue Jay Bullpen
Mopupduty Looks at the 2013 BP. It's a decent look at what could be a strength. No more aging veteran who survives on smoke and mirrors CoCo FA deals (I hope.)

Blue Jays’ next core player on contract radar is Colby Rasmus: Griffin -
Colby's next according to Griff

red sox - Why Red Sox should take another run at John Farrell - WEEI | Rob Bradford
Farrellmania, an explanation. I understand what the Beantowners are thinking, but it's quite "There's Something About Farrell" creepy.

red sox - The other Blue Jay: The Red Sox' past (and future?) interest in Torey Lovullo - WEEI | Alex Speier
Woah! Someone not shrieking for John Farrell and making a smart case to boot.


Baseball world championship: U.S. defeats Canada 6-2 in gold medal game -
They didn't win, but the US is a powerhouse. Congrats to Team Canada.

Here's David Wright Throwing A Ball Straight Into The Ground
A very charitable call from the FOX crew. "No harm, no foul," they say. "Not sure that David Wright had a play at first, anyway," they say. "He was trying to hold up," they say. Mets fans? Less charitable.

Ozzie Guillen Is Back On Twitter And As Crazy As Ever
For your amusement.

Baseball History - September 9th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1977 At Fenway Park, Allan Trammel and Lou Whitaker, playing shortstop and second base respectively, both make their major league debut for Detroit. The Tigers' new double play combination will be teammates for the next 19 seasons, a major league record.