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New Year's Resolutions

Jim McIsaac

Happy 2013. That sounds like science fiction to me. How can it be 2013?

Since we are all friends here, I thought I'd ask what your New Year's resolutions are? I have a few:

  • Play my guitars more. This is an easy one, it would be hard to play them less. I've been terrible lately, but I've put hangers up on the wall in the family room, so they are sitting there where I can notice them. That's been a problem because I have a couple of young cousins that come over now and then, and they like the guitars, but are too young to treat them right. So I had been hiding them, but if I hide them, I don't see them and don't play. Now I have them up on the wall, above the reach of small hands. As well, I was given a Ukulele last summer, I love it but it is hidden too, I'd like to learn to play it better. I bought a wall hanger for it too, so I'll put it up where I can see it.
  • Read more. A writer I like said 'beware of a writer that writes more than he reads'. I go in cycles. Sometimes I read all the blogs, all the newspaper columns, everything. Then, I go through times when I worry I'll subconsciously steal other people's ideas, so I don't read anything. Or I don't have time. Or I'm spending too much time on here and don't have time for other reading. Anyway, I just finished R.A. Dickey's book. It was a good read. Mastering the knuckleball isn't easy. That's why there are so few that throw it. I'm also 2/3 through Bill James 'Popular Crime'. I like anything Bill James writes.
  • Obsess about numbers on here less. I always know our numbers. I check them way too often. Last month was our best month ever for visits (thank you so much for continuing to visit this little corner of the web). I'm trying to be more zen about it. We've grown so much in the last few years, we used the SB Baseball site with the fewest visits, now, well, we aren't at the bottom anymore. We are doing well, it's time to stop obsessing.
  • And the usual stuff, get in better shape. Treat those closest to me better.
Share your resolutions with us.