The Continuing Story of the Backwards Hall of Fame

So, back in December, I created a ballot for the Hall or Fame that allowed voters to eliminate players from contention, rather than induct them. The hope was that we would get a better look at players 'on the bubble' of Hall worthiness, and maybe a bigger Hall in the long run.

After the non-induction of the real 2013 ballot, I have decided to continue the experiment, to see if we can do any better.

I have now set the number of anti-votes at n-2, where n= the number of first year Hall candidates. I have also raised the exclusion percentage from 30% to 40% of ballots cast.

The poll is hosted externally, due to format limitations with the SB Nation poll system. You can find it here:

Vote, tell you friends to vote, and we'll see if we can do any better at filling up Cooperstown by the time we get to the present day ballot.

Feel free to comment on the methodology, whether you be a big or small hall advocate, or someone in between.

Editor's Note: This is a FanPost written by a reader and member of Bluebird Banter. It was not commissioned by the editors and is not necessarily reflective of the opinions of Bluebird Banter or SB Nation.