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Blue Jays Sign Colby Rasmus

Colby Rasmus signs for 2013

Center field present and future
Center field present and future
Jim Rogash

The Blue Jays signed Colby Rasmus to a one-year $4.675 million contract, saving them from having to go to arbitration with our center fielder. Colby made $2.7 million last year. The earliest he could be a free agent is 2015, so we have a couple of years to decide if we want to keep him around, though I think this is the year of decision for the guy.

You know a player has had a bad season when the press release points out that he was 5th in RBI and home runs and 6th in walks among AL center fielders. But then we all remember last year, it started out pretty well for Colby, but the second half was awful. This year almost has to be better (he says in his most hopeful voice).

In 4 MLB seasons he has 76 home runs, 246 RBI and a .243/.313/.422 line.

I think that leaves us with J.A. Happ as the only arbitration eligible Blue Jay. Happ should come in under $4 million. Jesse Litsch, Bobby Wilson and Cory Wade were let go. Jeff Mathis was traded. Rajai Davis signed a one-year deal, after the Jays turned down his club option for 2013, in some sort of accounting game that I really don't understand. But the Jays do, and that's all that counts.

MLB Trade Rumors was pretty close when they guessed Rasmus would sign for $4.5 million.

I guess the Jays waited until now to sign him to make sure he didn't injure himself on the ice curling in Saskatoon or, you know, blow himself up in the tank in Edmonton. I'm sure he has a clause in that contract that says he doesn't have to curl again.

Nice to have you back Colby. Now go have the season that stops us from talking about your potential. And no cornrows this year, please. You can afford a good haircut now.