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Blue Jays Sign Emilio Bonifacio

Here is signing number 2 today.

Mike Ehrmann

The Jays and Emilo Bonifacio get to skip a trip to the arbitrator by signing a one-year, $2.6 million dollar contract.

Emilo came over in the big trade with the Marlins. Last year he hit .258/330/.316 in 64 games, with 33 stolen bases. A switch-hitter, he has a shot at playing second base this year, or he could be back up at several positions and pinch runner.

He's had 6 seasons in the majors, a .267/.329/.343 line, in 476 games. with 110 stolen bases.

I am looking forward to seeing him play, I think he'll add to the energy of a team that should be pretty much just vibrating at all times.

I'd write more but I figure the Thole press release will come out in a few moments and I'll have to put up the third of these in the series. Collect them all.