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Saturday Bantering

Alex is getting better at helping put on uniforms.
Alex is getting better at helping put on uniforms.
Tom Szczerbowski

Little bits of stuff that don't add up to a post:

  • 7 Blue Jays and a Blue Jay minor leaguer made World Baseball Classic rosters: Brett Lawrie, J.P. Arencibia, R.A. Dickey, Jose Reyes, Edwin Encarnacion, Melky Cabrera, Esmil Rogers and Adam Loewen. Maybe not optimal for a team with so many new faces to have so many missing for a good part of spring training.
  • There seems to be a difference of opinion if players in the WBC stand a bigger chance of being injured. Jayson Stark takes the MLB side, while a FanGraph post suggests its not great for starting pitchers. Since Dickey is our only starting pitcher going, and the more knuckleballs he can throw the better, I'm hoping we'll be ok. Tiny bit worried about Edwin.
  • When Alex Anthopoulos was listing his starting pitching depth, saying J.A. Happ was starter number 6, Brad Lincoln 7 and Justin Germano 8. I was expecting Chad Jenkins to be on the list. I though Chad looked pretty good, in his call up last year, and he ad a 3.95 ERA in hit 3 starts.
  • I enjoyed the 'Up Close: The John Gibbons Story' (if you missed it Sportsnet has it online here). Gibbons has a great personality for that sort of thing, if it had been John Farrell we'd all have been asleep after 15 minutes. I guess they wouldn't have shown us Farrell's house with all the Red Sox crap up on the walls.
  • Gibbons showed us what he was thinking for the top of the order: Reyes, Cabrera, Baustista, Encarnacion and said he wasn't sure who would hit fifth. So what is your pick? Lawrie? Or would you prefer to go with one of the lefties after the two big right handers?
  • After watching the press conferences of R.A. Dickey and Jose Reyes I can't figure out which one I'm more excited to see play.
  • Sorry to see the passing of Earl Weaver, someone I owe a large portion of my baseball fanhood too. When I get a few free minutes, we'll talk about him.

It is a busy weekend, so use the comments as an open thread to talk about what ever you'd like.