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Today In Silly Rumors: Michael Bourn Edition

There is someone out there that thinks the Jays will sign Michael Bourn?

Michael Bourn
Michael Bourn
Scott Cunningham

Nick Cafardo, in the Boston Globe, had this:

6. Michael Bourn, CF, free agent - The Rafael Soriano signing by the Nationals is a reminder to never underestimate the market Scott Boras can create for a client. Bourn seemed like a good fit in Seattle before the Mariners acquired Morse, and the Phillies, who could use another outfielder, remain an obvious choice. The Mets are not out of the picture if the price and length of commitment come down. Could the Blue Jays be a long shot? They have Colby Rasmus, but he could be traded. The Yankees?

Ummmmm really? What would you say are the chances this happens? 1 in 100? 1 in 1000? I'd say 1 in a million but we all know that 1 in a million things always happen. If the odds of something are a million to one really they are 1 to 1. It's just the way the world works.

Anyway, I should know better than to point silliness in reports from Boston media people, but what was the thought process behind this? Michael Bourn isn't signed, the Jays have added $50 million to their payroll, what's another $5 or 6 million or so? Michael Bourn is fast, the Jays grab up everyone who is fast? The Jays need another leadoff hitter?

And we'd trade Rasmus to the Yankees? We'd want to trade low on Rasmus to a division rival? For what? I'd guess the odds of trading Rasmus to the Yankees are roughly the same as the odds of us signing Bourn.

Anyway, I need baseball to start. Please. I need something real to write about.