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Happy Birthday Tom Dakers!

Visual approximation of Tom Dakers
Visual approximation of Tom Dakers
Paul Kane

It's midnight Mountain time on January 22 so that means it's Bluebird Banter manager Tom Dakers' birthday! We don't know exactly how old Tom is because it is beyond the limits of current carbon-14 dating technology.

He shares it with legendary former Blue Jays Leon Roberts, who played 40 games in Toronto before being traded for Cecil Fielder, and Scott Cousins, who spent 20 days on the Blue Jays' 40-man roster this offseason between being claimed from the Marlins and getting claimed by the Mariners (then later getting claimed by the Angels).

I got you this small gift from the Toronto Sun's Bob Elliott, whose age estimate is probably several decades off:


Happy birthday, Tom!

Thanks for making this community what it is today. It is our privilege to have you around. Go have a beer or four then drunk post for us!