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Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (Turn and face the stranger)

We are making a few little changes in our dusty corner of the internet.

Tom Szczerbowski

There have been some changes on the site lately and I've been a bit remiss in talking about them. Change is, well change. I get more emails complaining about change on the site than I do about almost anything else.

We've gone through a huge change with United. It wasn't universally loved when it came out. And, you know, I wasn't thrilled either, mostly because it was a lot of extra work, but we've come the other side still breathing. Since the start of United our numbers are up about 35% from a year before, so maybe that change didn't go as badly as I feared.

But, this was supposed to be about the newer changes. Most of them fall under the banner of 'Tom doesn't want to burn out'. This might come as a surprise to you, but I have the odd moment, every few months, when my fandom ebbs. One of my New Year's resolutions was to remember that this is a hobby for me. One ways I'm doing this is to get a few people to do once a week posts, kind of as a weekly column.

Mondays, Blake Murphy, who writes for Beyond the Boxscore and a handful of other places.

Tuesday, jays182 is doing a "Prospect of the Week" post.

Wednesday, I think we have covered but I'll wait until I'm sure to talk about it.

Thursday will be Emily's turn.

Friday is filled, but that will be starting up when the season gets going.

Also, jumping on are Shermanator91 and Jared Macdonald. Sherman has 4 posts up already: Optimizing Order Part 1 and Part Two, what still has to be done with the Jays roster and all-time Jewish all-stars. And Jared, you all know him from his time at Jays Journal, The Good Point and other places.

As well, we'll have a Designated Columnist post up every couple of weeks or so. I know it goes against the SB Nation idea that 'passionate amateur can do better than a bored pro' but I think the idea of having an outside post, once in awhile, isn't a bad thing I'm hoping you'll give the idea a chance. It's really just an extra something for the site, hopefully getting us a little more notice from the outside world.

FanPosts have also seen some changes lately, SB has changed their placement on the site to make them more visible and we are trying to do more to highlight them. Please, anytime you have a subject you'd like to chat about, use the Fanposts. I love reading them.

We are also changing how the GameThreads are done this season, but that is a little ways off yet. The important part, for me at least, is that I (hopefully) won't be putting up last second GameThreads, because it got forgotten.

I really love our little site. My favorite part is the comment sections. I like it when managers from other sites write me to say how much they admire how civil the debates are. Occasionally I think we could be a bit nicer to new people, but it gives us something to work on.