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Off Topic Thread: What Are You Reading?

Give us some reading suggestions.

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Have you read this?
Have you read this?

There isn't much for Blue Jay news, unless you consider Jim Bowden letting us know that "Anyone can win the AL East". Way to step out on a limb. About the Jays:

Key to success: Ricky Romero and Johnson bounce back and have seasons expected of top-of-the-rotation pitchers.
Can win division: If team chemistry is established early and the five-man rotation lives up to its potential.

I hate those team chemistry lines. If the team wins then they have chemistry, if they don't win, no chemistry.

About the Red Sox:

This is perhaps the most improved clubhouse culture in baseball. That alone gives the Red Sox an edge over what they trotted out last year. General manager Ben Cherington also had a great offseason, bringing in a bevy of character guys.

I'd rather have guys that can play than character guys, but I'm strange that way.

Anyway, I thought I'm ask what you are reading at the moment? I'm just finishing off Bill James' Popular Crime, a look at big crime stories in the history of the US and starting Catcher: How the Man Behind the Plate Became an American Folk Hero by Peter Morris, I'm not far enough into it to have an opinion yet, but we'll talk abot it more next week.

So, what have you pulled off the bookshelf?