Teams you would and would not play for

In the dead news times we find ourselves in, I propose a question to you all for discussion.

Scenario: You are a sought after free agent. You are not too expensive so any team has the flexibility to sign you (let's pretend Loria isn't an owner and TB gets enough attendance). You have an offer from all 30 clubs and all are the same offer. You have to choose your destination. You plan on narrowing down your choices, so you make a top 5 list and a bottom 5 list (for funsies).

Let's all just admit we would choose the Blue Jays #1 and so we won't count them as part of this exercise.

My Top 5:

1) Atlanta Braves

2) SF Giants

3) Oakland A's

4) Chicago Cubs

5) Milwaukee Brewers

My Bottom 5

1) NY Yankees

2) NY Mets

3) Houston Astros

4) Boston Red Sox

5) San Diego Padres

My selections were based on a few things such as: uniforms, cities, current team and situation, fandom etc.

List your top 5 and bottom 5 teams in the comments =)

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