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Yankees Want To Void Alex Rodriguez Contract

The Yankees would like to void every contract they've signed over the last 5 years,

Can they void Jeter's contract for having a weak ankle?
Can they void Jeter's contract for having a weak ankle?
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

MLB Trade Rumor tells us that the Yankees are trying to void ARod's contract because of his link to the PED clinic in Florida.

Yeah, that's the reason they want to void that contract. It has nothing to do with the fact that it was a stupid thing to sign him to in the first place. The team wants to get their payroll under the $189 million mark. Removing Alex's contract from the books would get them there with room to spare, since he is due to get $114 million over the next 5 season and, odds are, he won't be worth half that much to the team.

An industry source says the Yankees "are looking at about 20 different things," including whether A-Rod breached the contract by taking medical treatment from an outside doctor without the team's authorization, and the possibility that he may have broken the law by purchasing controlled substances from the clinic.

Mostly they are looking at their bottom line and realize it would be a lot better without several million dollars going to a formerly great player. I'd want to void his contract too.

Just watch, it this works, and CC Sabathia has a bad year, they will want to void his contract because he is overweight.