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Darren Oliver Underpaid?

Darren Oliver would like more money than he's due to get from the Jays. Wouldn't we all like more money?

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

According to this piece. by Ken Rosenthal and Jon Morosi, Darren Oliver might decide to retire rather than be insulted by the low salary ($3 million) that he agreed too a year ago. Here is the money line:

The reliever would rather retire than be away from his family for a salary that is well below market value, sources say.

If he thinks it is that much below his market value, why did he sign the contract?

It seems that Oliver figured he'd retire after last season so he took a front loaded contract, getting $4.5 million last year, and taking a second year at $3 million, on his belief that he would retire. Well, he had a really good year and would like to pitch again, but not for $3 million.

I can understand how he feels, if SB was going to pay me a piddling $3 million, I'd quit too. Yeah, that's what I'd do, then, of course, I'd wake up from the wonderful dream I was having.

Now the Jays, feeling that they have a contract with the nice man, don't feel the need to renegotiate. Surprise.

Darren would be willing to be insulted by the $3 million if he was playing for the Rangers, if the Jays would trade him there, but if he has to be north of the border, he wants more money.

Now, I understand that he feels like the threat of retirement is a good way to try to pry more money out of the Jays, but I kind of figure that the Jays feel it would be setting a bad precedent to give a guy more money when they have a valid contract in place already.

It's too bad, I'm sure that Oliver is a good guy and really I'm not against anyone trying to make as much money as they can but this is pushing it. As the article says:

The problem for the Jays, sources say, is that they have shot past their projected $105 million payroll, and do not want to go beyond their current $120 million. The team might need to cut in other areas simply to accommodate Oliver at $3 million, according to a source.

I hope it all gets worked out, I'd like to see Oliver pitching for us, but then I think if you sign a contract, you should live with it.