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Baseball America's Top Ten Blue Jay Prospects

Baseball America has redone their top 10 Blue Jay Prospects.

J. Meric

While we are in the home stretch of putting together our Blue Jay top prospects list, I promises to get it done by the end of the weekend and get posting by the end of next week, Baseball America has fixed their own top ten list, removing the players that were part of trades this off-season.

Their new list

1. Aaron Sanchez, RHP

2. Roberto Osuna, RHP

3. Marcus Stroman, RHP

4. D.J. Davis, OF

5. John Stilson, RHP

6. Daniel Norris, LHP

7. Matt Smoral, LHP

8. Anthony Alford,OF

9. A.J. Jimenez, C

10. Tyler Gonzalez, RHP

.As we know most of our best prospects are pitchers and most of the hitters are a long way away from the majors, and have a lot of work to do. We do have quite a few athletes who might become very good players or might not.

The trades cost of a number of our better prospects, but also Anthony Gose and Moises Sierra are considered 'graduated', when they really haven't yet. They each got a bunch of at bats in the majors, but, in reality, they haven't made the team, and still have some work to do. They come off the prospects lists without graduating to the major league team or proving that they won't.

Our system might not be as deep as it once, (last year we did a Top 50 list, this year 40 seems like stretching things) but there are some impressive players in the BA top ten.