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Bluebird Banter Is On Facebook And Twitter

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Is Gibby on Twitter?
Is Gibby on Twitter?
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There isn't much I want to talk about with the Jays at the moment. I really don't want to waste breath on Jose Canseco wanting to be mayor. He's also like to play for the Jays. Jose Canseco will say anything to get attention, I don't understand why we'd want to give him any. Instead lets take remind folks about Facebook and Twitter.

TonyFernandezSavedMyLife is doing a great job of with our Facebook page.I'll admit I'm not much of a Facebook fan (you are welcome to add me as a friend, but I don't do anything with my page). but SB Nation feels that Facebook is a great advertising tool. SB figures that, since you are a Blue Jay fan, many of your friends are Blue Jays fans (if they aren't, you need new friends). If you 'like' us on Facebook, your friends will see it and maybe take a look at the site. So, if you haven't already, like us on Facebook. Also there is a button on every story on here that will tell your Facebook friends that you liked the story.

Also, we have twitter. Twitter is, of course, an interesting little exercise for a blogger who doesn't have a editor or any incentive to be succinct. Suddenly you have to express thoughts in 140 characters. After being on here for a bit, it takes me 500+ words to answer people when they ask how I am. But we do use it some.

Also some of the other folks around here are on Twitter:

Minor Leaguer is @Minor_Leaguer (inventive isn't he).

Emily G is @emilyg819

TonyFernanadezSavedMyLife is @TFSML

JohnnyG is @minibasher

So give us a follow on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Or is it like us on like us Twitter and follow us on Facebook? Just wait until we are on Google+, I'll be totally confused.

And let us know your Twitter handle in the comment thread.