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I Could Speak My Mind And Tell You: 2012 Bluebird Banter Stats

Someone at SB Nation had way too much time on their hands and compiled stats on what happened on the site in 2012. We have stats telling us who commented the most, who put up the most fan posts and fan shots. You can see where you rank and give yourself a challenge for this year. The fanposts are the wonderful thing, you get to say almost anything you want (about baseball) and upwards of half a dozen people might read it.

In 2012 we had 1319 main page posts (that's 3.6 stories a day) not counting gamethreads. We've been busy around here. That's up from 1008 in 2011 and 916 in 2010.

We had 2,847,080 visits in 2012, up from 2,133,548 in 2011. If you want to go by page views we had 5,995,964 up from 4,525,436 in 2011.

Most FanPosts
MjwW 41
JaysFanExiledinOTT 21
King Kelly 20
K931 13
JaysFanToronto 9
bluejays13 9
Kraemer_17 8
JaysfanDL 8
Frag 8
Cashews! 6

Most FanShots

Tom Dakers 275
Minor Leaguer 38
Frag 36
MjwW 28
yleviticus 17
JaysSaskatchewan 15
TonyFernandezSavedMyLife 13
Damaso's Burnt Shirt 13
jays182 12
blueandwhite31 10

Most Comments
MjwW 25773
Pikachu 18247
Damaso's Burnt Shirt 13868
Tom Dakers 13547
Bowling_Guy25 10880
Minor Leaguer 10689
jays182 10352
MapleMan 8403
shortofbrillant 7947
Emily G 7759

The post title comes from The Beatles Song 'I Want To Tell You'.