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J.P. Arencibia engaged?

J.P. Arencibia to marry.

J. Meric

There is a report, on a country music website, that J.P. Arencibia is engaged to Kimberly Perry of the Band Perry. Of course the website has a picture of JP in his team USA jersey from the WBC, not a Blue Jays jersey. I really know nothing of that band, but I'm sure they had more hits than JP this season (yes there are going to be a lot of bad jokes). I wonder if he can reach first base more than 25% of the time with her.

After the Blue Jays' season drew to an end on Sunday, Arencibia returned to Nashville. Perry thought Monday night's family get-together was just for dinner, but when she arrived at the family property, the 27-year-old former University of Tennessee player was waiting by a large oak tree.

The Tennessean was first to break the news of the engagement, explaining how this particular oak tree is special to Perry. In fact, the first time she saw it as a teenager she began dreaming of being proposed to beneath its branches. Of course, she knew what was coming when she was surprised by her boyfriend beneath it.

The story says they plan to get married next summer (perhaps JP figures he'll have lot of free time). Perhaps marriage will be good for him.

Anyway, post your bad joke below.