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Today in Bluebird Banter History - October 12

Rob Carr

Now that was an exciting game 1 of the NLCS with some old-fashioned Carlos Beltran magic. And these kids have to go back to the park at 4 pm to play game 2. It was certainly worth staying up late for. Since there hasn't been much Blue Jays news to write about lately, let's take a look into the Bluebird Banter vault to see what articles appeared on this date in years past.

2006: Cory Lidle's Career as a Blue Jay
Oldtimey blogger mark w wrote about the late Cory Lidle's brief time as a Toronto Blue Jay a day after he died in an airplane accident.

2007: Top 20 Blue Jay Prospects
Oh ho! A prospect list was published six years ago today by achengy (who still lurks around here sometimes, I know). The Blue Jays had impressive depth at catcher, led by Curtis Thigpen, followed by Robizon Diaz and Jonathan (JP) Arencibia. Most of the players on that list have left the organization, with Brett Cecil (#2), Arencibia (#6), Ricky Romero (#7), and Justin Jackson (#17, now a pitcher) remain in the system. Even Balbino Fuenmayor was released earlier this year. The farm in 2007 sure looked bleak.

2009: "The Twins Way"
In 2010, the Twins would finish first again, and get swept in the ALDS again (they are on a 9-game postseason losing streak) then suck for the next three years. But hey, they play the game the right way.

2010: Happy Birthday Garth Iorg
It's Garth Iorg's birthday today! Hope he's having a good one (and that his recently-retired son Cale remembered to get him something).

2011: The Season that Was: Adam Lind
Tom recapped a second horrible season for Adam Lind. The Blue Jays would eventually discover that his splits heavily favours facing right-handed pitchers.

2012: Optimizing Order, Part 1: How To Build The Ideal Lineup
Noah Sherman wrote his first post for Bluebird Banter a year ago today, introducing Tom Tango's theories of lineup optimization.