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Red Sox fan steals baseball out of a woman's hands, throws it onto the field, gets tossed

Can I just use this animated GIF of a Red Sox bro as my post? Yes? OK!

Josh Gold-Smith (give him a Twitter follow @GoldAndOrSmith) provides us with this incredible gem of a GIF showing a man wearing a visor, presumably a Red Sox fan, stealing a baseball out of a woman's hand and throwing it back onto the field. Just like what every gentleman should do in that situation.


This happened after Detroit Tigers' Alex Avila hit a two-run home run in the sixth inning of game 2 in the ALCS. Daigo Fujiwara reports on Twitter that the man was rescued from the woman's wrath by Fenway's finest:


After the above incident, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan went to that section of the stands to check out the scene and heard from the other fans that the visor-wearing fan was allegedly making racist speech targeted at African-American Tigers fans. Several fans in that section told Passan that the man had told a Tigers fan to "go back to the ghetto," and as he was being led out by stadium security, another black Tigers fan sarcastically bade farewell, and the man said "bye, Travon."

I guess he was the one who kept the Red Sox from winning.