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Blue Jays confirm popular "Ballpark Pass" to return for the 2014 season

Tom Szczerbowski

The Blue Jays ticket office has confirmed that the popular "Ballpark Pass" will return for the 2014 season, but it will likely only be offered to patrons who were holders of the pass in 2013 (and only 2012 pass holders were able to purchase a 2013 pass). For a fantastic price of $95, fans were able to attend 80 home games (all except for the home opener) in 2013. Right now, it is unknown whether the price will stay the same for 2014, prices for other ticket packages and season tickets did not see an increase.

According to the ticket office, the Blue Jays have made improvements to the purchasing procedure. Earlier this year, the club hinted that the Ballpark Passes were in short supply so there was a bit of a mad scramble for them the moment they were released at 10 am on January 30. The sudden spike in traffic crashed the Ticketmaster system and caused a lot of fans (yours truly included) to freak out and call the ticket office. Of course, later they revealed that there were enough passes for those who held a 2012 pass, but poorly-worded official emails from them had insinuated otherwise. For 2014, all 2013 pass holders will receive an email from the Blue Jays to the address on file (check to make sure it works!) some time in December with instructions on how to purchase a pass.

If you are not one of the lucky ones already holding a Ballpark Pass, there are still some good options. Some of those were discussed in a previous post. Promotional (ie. giveaway) dates are still to be determined, but they should be released some time in December.


Note: if you'd like to purchase the 20-ticket voucher pack and want to pick your own seats, and save some games for choosing after March 1, you must call the Blue Jays at 416-341-1234. You must choose all the games and you will be assigned seating if you try it through Yes, it's kinda stupid.