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Poll Time: Best Left Fielder in Blue Jays History

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Our 3B poll was one of the closer ones we've had with Kelly Gurber winning with 44% of the vote, but with everyone on the list getting at least 3 votes, even Garth Iorg.

On to the outfield, starting with left fielders. We've had a bunch of interesting players in LF, but not a heck of a lot of really good ones. There are a bunch of guy on the list that I that I liked a lot, maybe more than they deserved. Barry Bonnell had a couple of really good seasons, on a team that wasn't all that good. Dave Collins was kind of Rajai Davis type player, well, not really...but he was fast and stole a lot of bases. For a guy with a lot of speed he wasn't a great defensive player. He was exciting though.

The last few years, well, let's just say left field has been a black hole. I put Fred Lewis, Corey Patterson and Eric Thames on the list mostly to underline how bad things things have been. I hope Melky has a good season next year.