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Blue Jays the 12th most valuable team in MLB

Rogers Centre
Rogers Centre
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Bloomberg has a very cool graphic comparing the values of the MLB teams.

They have the Jays worth $950 million, 12th in the major leagues. That's the good news. The bad news, we are the 4th most valuable team in the AL East trailing the Yankees ($3.28 billion), Red Sox ($2.06 billion) and Orioles ($1.12 billion). They have the Rays value at $530 million. We are also 4th in the division in revenue, just behind the Orioles.

They also broke down where the Jays gets gets their revenue:

Total Revenue: $210 million, 18th in the league.

Gate Receipts: $44 million, 23rd.

Concessions: $12 million, 26th.

Sponsorship: $17 million, 25th.

Media Rights: $65 million, 22nd.

Parking: $2 million, 21st.

Attendance: 2.5 million, 14th.

They also got $15 million in revenue sharing, 12th in the league.

The Jays might be in the top half in value but we are way down on the list in revenue. The 26th in concessions interested me, you guys are not buying enough beer.

Anyway, go play with the cool graphic and tell us what you think.