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Mid Week Sausage Links Oct 23, 2013

Here is a bunch of links some recent and others collected for weekend links posts that didn't happen because I was out West for a close friend's wedding this weekend.

Brad White

Boston Mayor Wants Red Sox To Bring Home "World Series Cup"
Boston Mayor Tom Menino should probably just stop talking about sports in public.

The 1989 World Series earthquake oral history - Grantland
Eck vs Jose. Not surprised about Eck being a complete jerk even to teammates which makes the 92 Alomar's home run off him even more special.

2014 Draft Top 50: Carlos Rodon Stands Alone (Oct. 2013) -
A look at the top available prospects. Tyler Beede is among them, but has some serious command issues... sigh, he might not be a Jays prospect but he certainly could fit in.

The Blue Jay Hunter: The BBA Ballot: Awarding the Year's Best in Baseball
In an ideal world, voters would come to a consensus on voting for baseball's best. Sometimes, they even can't come to a majority. But regardless of whether or not they can agree, the writers have a vote.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Fun is Dead in Baseball
Baseball is not a place for celebration. It's not a game in which players are allowed to display pure and unadulterated joy. Baseball may be a game, but it's not supposed to be fun.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Trading Jose Bautista: The Counterproductive Move
In their right minds, the Toronto Blue Jays would never trade Jose Bautista ... ever. There's no way the Blue Jays would deal away one of the cornerstone players of their franchise in return for starting pitching and/or a second baseman.

The best rivalries of 2013
The 2013 season is in the books. Well, that’s true of the regular season, anyway. With the regular season in the rearview mirror, let’s do some analysis of the season that was. In particular, I have a question. What were the best rivalries of the season?

El Paso's Minor League Baseball Team Will Be The Chihuahuas
The San Diego Padres have a new AAA affiliate based in El Paso, and it has finally chosen a team name: The El Paso Chihuahuas. Awful.

Bobby V: I Could Have Reached World Series If Red Sox Had Kept Me
The brief Bobby Valentine era is one Red Sox fans want to forget as soon as possible. He's currently the AD at Sacred Heart University while new skipper John Farrell and the Red Sox are in the World Series, so that probably helps. But Valentine thinks that if the Red Sox hadn't fired him, he'd have done as well as Farrell. Note: I kind of believe him.

What Are The Giants Doing Giving Tim Lincecum $35 Million?
He's 29 now, and the long hair is gone along with the velocity. A fastball that once kissed 95 now struggles to clear 90 mph. The ace of the staff for one championship run, he saw himself bumped to long relief for the next--and excelled. He's said he's willing to go to the bullpen if that's where the Giants want him. Is Tim Lincecum really worth $35 million for the next two years?

You Guys, It's A Pythagorean World Series This Year!
The Red Sox and Cardinals led the AL and NL in run differential this season, and now they're in the World Series. This is very far from breaking news, but still, it's the first time that's happened since 2007. To celebrate (kind of), Stats in the Wild put together a few fun bubble charts showing the run differentials of every World Series since 1990.

Why Don't The St. Louis Cardinals Respect The Game?
After last night's loss to the Dodgers in Game 3 of the NLCS, a few Cardinals players expressed dismay at some of the exuberance that was displayed by a few Dodgers players. "Mickey Mouse stuff," one called it. We at Deadspin share the Cardinals' concern for the soul of baseball. We want to see the game played the right way, which is why we'd like to see the following behavior eradicated from the diamond. Note: Ha