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Poll Time: Best Second Baseman in Blue Jays History

Give us your vote.

No love for Emilio
No love for Emilio

The first basemen poll wasn't a close one, Carlos Delgado won easy, no surprise. I think Olerud coming in second is a bit of a surprise. Hre had one terrific season then a handful of good seasons and we dumped him for Robert Person. I'd have picked Fred McGriff second.

Now the second baseman poll, this one is bound to be close (yeah right). There are a few of them that I have quite a bit of affection for, Damaso Garcia was part of the team for a long while and really was a great example of what middle infielders were like back then. Orlando Hudson was so good defensively. And I cheered for Aaron Hill for a long time. He might have been one that didn't do well with batting coaches philosophy we had at the time. Cito and Dwayne Murphy were pretty big on pulling the ball, maybe that didn't work well for him. Maybe.

Danny Ainge must have been the best pickup basketball player the team ever had, but I'm not including him in the poll.

We'll Ryan Goins for the next time we do these polls.

Anyway, give us your vote.