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It's Offical: Kevin Seitzer will be Blue Jays hitting coach

Kevin Seitzer
Kevin Seitzer

The Blue Jays have announced it now, no terms mentioned in the release, I'd imagine he has a one-year contract.

World Series ends and it looks like the Jays are making news. For some reason I can't embed Bob Dutton's (@royals_report) original tweet, so this Mike Wilner retweet will have to do.

Seitzer seems like the exact opposite of Cito/Murphy. The team must have decided they wanted to go the opposite way (pun intended). Cito and Murphy each believed hitters should go up looking for something to pull, when they get it, pull it. Seitzer seems to believe in going the other way.

Going the other way does give batters an extra moment to follow the ball, maybe it would be a good thing for JP and some of the other guys. Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and Colby Rasmus seem to do well with the pull mentality. I'd imagine Seitzer would be smart enough not to try to change guys that are doing great. JP? Well, there is no way a change could make him worse, right?

Kevin was a pretty good hitting, putting up a .295/.375/.404 line in 12 major league seasons. He never showed a lot of power, 15 home runs was his career high, but he got on base at a .400 or better rate several times in his career.