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Blue Jays outright Ricky Romero and Mike Nickeas


The expected happened, Ricky Romero was outrighted to the Buffalo Bisons, along with Mick Nickeas.

We knew knew the Jays would remove Ricky from the 40-man again this off-season, he was added at the start of September, to allow them to make him a September call up. What did he pitch? 3 innings? Oh well, didn't cost anything, other than a per diem for the month.

Ricky, of course, could be taken by any team in the rule 5 draft, not that anyone would. Any team that would want him could take him at any time. Alex wouldn't stand in the way. He'd personally drive Ricky to his new team. He is still owed $15.6 million by the Jays so he won't be released, at least just yet. They'll give him every chance to find himself.

Nickeas was also a September call up, he caught one inning, in his month in the big leagues, but didn't get to bat.

Anyway, no surprises here, it gives the Jays a couple of spots on the 40-man to play with.