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Blue Jays ticket package prices to stay the same in 2014, sales begin Thursday

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

I'm sure this wasn't the plan going into the 2013 season after making all those high-profile acquisitions, but the Blue Jays have announced in an email to previous subscribers that they will not be increasing the price of ticket packages for the 2014 season. They've already announced that season ticket prices will remain unchanged.

Flex Pack tickets will be on sale starting Thursday, October 10, 2013 and apparently if you order over $500 worth of ticket packages before December 6, you will get a $50 Flex Pack Card good for concessions and merchandise during the regular season. If you would like good seats for Opening Day tickets (April 4, 7:07 pm vs. Yankees) this would be a good time to grab them.

At this time, it is not known whether the "Ballpark Pass" (or an equivalent 80-game pass) would be available for the 2014 season--that package is generally announced in the new year. This past season sales of the Ballpark Pass was largely limited to previous pass holders, and each account was limited to two passes each. It was thought that the Blue Jays were trying to phase out the discounted passes, so its availability for the 2014 season is not a sure thing. I hope that he big wigs at 1 Blue Jays Way would understand that the $95 passes are a great way to get butts in seats, and most importantly, in lines to get beer and concessions.

Information on the 2014 Flex Packs are not yet available on but since they are unchanged from last year here are the packages available.

40-Game Pack 15-Game Pack 10-Game Pack 20-Ticket Voucher
200 Level Infield 2320 915 625 1280
Field Level Infield 2320 915 625 1280
200 Level Bases 1540 615 425 880
Field Level Bases 1540 615 425 880
100 Level Outfield 960 394.95 265 560
200 Level Outfield 950 360 245 500
500 Level 302 120 N/A 200

The 40-, 15-, and 10-game Flex Packs give you one seat per game, and you have until March 1 (at least this was the arrangement in 2013) to choose your games. If you choose to buy the 20-ticket voucher pack, you pay a little more per game but you get a much more flexibility: you can redeem up to six tickets per game (except for select games like Opening Day and Canada Day where they cap it at four tickets) and you get until July 31 to choose the games you want. I was very happy with the 20-ticket voucher for the 200-level outfield I bought last season.

Next to getting season tickets, these ticket packages are the best way to guarantee Opening Night seats. And, like I wrote last December, you will get priority in getting postseason tickets.

To find out more about these ticket pages, you can call one of the Jays' friendly ticket representatives at 416-341-1234--ask for Glenn Jackson!

Disclaimer: Full terms and conditions and legalese will eventually be on the Blue Jays website. I do not work for the Blue Jays nor do I benefit financially from the sale of tickets. I'm just a fan who wants to you save a buck or two, and I want to see the stadium as full as possible every single game.