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Chad Mottola and Dwayne Murphy not to return in 2014

Bye Chad...sorry to see you leaving.
Bye Chad...sorry to see you leaving.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Well, there is a surprise.

Chad Mottola is not coming back as hitting coach and Dwayne Murphy is retiring from baseball. The rest of the Blue Jay coaching staff will return.

I don't know, it surprises me, I figured Walker was a goner. I though Rivera would likely be sacrificed for the fans want for blood, but I thought Mottola was safe.

Mottola's philosophy did seem like a big switch from what the Blue Jays hitters had been hearing in the past, under Murphy and Cito, but I was sure he would still be here next year. Chad has been part of the Blue Jays system since 2007, this year was his first full season in the majors, as a coach. He was thought to be a miracle worker with players sent to the minors in the past couple of season.

Murphy is 58 and has been around baseball for a long time, I'm sure he is ready to have some time away from it.

Everyone else is staying in their role:

DeMarlo Hale, Bench Coach.

Pete Walker, Pitching Coach.

Pat Hentgen, Bullpen Coach.

Luis Rivera, Third Base Coach.

I'm sure this will cause some discussion....

Update: Bob Elliot is reporting that both were fired. As much as I haven't seen that anywhere else, Bob isn't one to make up stuff.